Efficiency by Design and Commitment by Heart

Since 1986

The OTT Group

An Idea – The Driving Force Behind International Success

When we developed our first aeration diffuser back in 1986, we set out to realize three key attributes, the same ones we strive for in all products today: highest reliability, performance and process stability. The result of that development was the world's first one-piece tube diffuser.

Since then, much has changed. Continuously expanding our manufacturing know-how and gaining experience, we fine-tune our product portfolio to meet the changing needs of modern wastewater treatment systems. However, we have always remained true to the idea on which our company was founded – uncompromising quality made in Germany.

Today everything we do still revolves around fine-bubble diffusers, manufacturing them and – since 1992 – also designing and installing complete turn-key aeration systems.

More than 30 years have passed since we launched our business with that first idea. Over that time the OTT Group has evolved to an international enterprise with sales offices in over 20 different countries. What has not changed is the precision of our work, our family-run business approach and our customers' satisfaction.