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MAGNUM® Tube Diffusers

OTT MAGNUM® Diffusers – Patented Technology for Rapid Installation

  • Mounting Rings

    Stainless-steel clamp bands. Located at both ends of membrane, i.e. beneath each inverted membrane end.

  • Membrane

    FLEXSIL® or FLEXNORM® tubular membranes are ideally suited for a wide range of wastewaters and applications. Their consistently high performance and reliability are ensured by highest quality standards and stringent quality assurance. Each diffuser carries a printed lot number for QA traceability.

  • Wrinkle-Free Membrane

    OTT diffuser bodies are designed with a patented geometric shape which ensures a wrinkle-free membrane even when air infeed is discontinued, e.g. in intermittent operation. This unique feature is essential for maximum integrity and service life of the membranes.

  • Perforation

    MAGNUM® diffusers incorporate precisely engineered perforation which provides outstanding bubble distribution and uniform air release. This clearly sets us apart from competitors – as demonstrated by numerous trials conducted by independent test institutions. Custom perforation can be provided in accordance with your specific requirements. For more information – contact us!

  • PP Diffuser Body

    The body of the MAGNUM® diffuser is a monolithically injection-moulded tube made from eco-friendly, recyclable polypropylene (PP). Its expertly engineered shape and construction provide users big benefits.

  • CLIPIN® Lock

    Mounting of MAGNUM diffusers is quick and easy due to the CLIPIN® locking latch which makes MAGNUM the installation-friendliest diffuser on the market.

  • Support Base

    MAGNUM® diffusers are available in a wide variety of dimensions. They can be installed on rectangular laterals or on round laterals.

  • Continuous Air Channel

    MAGNUM® diffusers incorporate an end-to-end air channel at the bottom of the body which ensures uniform air distribution along the diffuser’s length.

  • Flooded Core

    MAGNUM® diffusers are open at the body‘s outer end, permitting partial flooding and therefore reducing buoyancy.

  • Lengths

    MAGNUM® diffusers are available in effective lengths of 1000, 1500 and 2000 mm. The overall diffuser length of each version is 200 mm longer.

  • AirRex®

    Connection to AirRex® header system.

  • 1″ Female Thread

    For direct connection to dedicated downpipe. Ideal for grit collectors and similar applications.

OTT MAGNUM® Tube Diffusers

OTT MAGNUM® diffusers are installed on laterals as integrated twin-diffuser units. Their CLIPIN® connectors permit rapid installation on stainless steel and plastic laterals of all types.

Activated sludge basin with Magnum® tube diffusers.
Activated sludge basin with Magnum® 2000 FLEXSIL® tube diffusers.

The monolithic PP diffuser body provides reliable service at operating temperatures up to 120°C (248°F) and is fully resistant to formic acid.

MAGNUM® can be installed on laterals with 30 or 38 mm diameter (1.18" or 1.49") outlet openings located at the 12 o’clock position (i.e. facing straight up).

MAGNUM® tube diffusers are available with EPDM (FLEXNORM®) or silicone (FLEXSIL®) membranes. We offer a wide range of perforation patterns which can be selected in accordance with specific application requirements.

MAGNUM® tube diffusers are available in the standard effective lengths 1000 mm, 1500 mm and 2000mm (47,2", 66,9", 86,6").

Custom lengths and diffusers shortened on one side are available on request.

Carbon Footprint

CO₂ Transparency, Efficiency, Reduction

Feel free to contact us so that we can work together to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of your aeration system. We describe the measures that we implement in our sustainability report.

CO₂ emissions for diffuser production

MAGNUM® 1000 3,88 kg CO₂ 2,82 kg CO₂
MAGNUM® 1500 5,14 kg CO₂ 3,59 kg CO₂
MAGNUM® 2000 6,36 kg CO₂ 4,47 kg CO₂