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Industrial-Grade Membranes

OTT Industrial-Grade Membranes: Rugged, Durable, Reliable

FLEXSIL® Membrane

OTT FLEXSIL® membranes are specifically designed for use in industrial wastewater treatment plants which pose tough challenges such as high temperatures, high submersion depth, oily and greasy wastewaters, wastewaters with high salt content as well as acidic and alkaline wastewaters. These challenges are mastered by FLEXSIL® membranes.

FLEXSIL® membranes are designed to withstand continuous operation at temperatures up to 140°C (284°F) while providing outstanding resistance against the wastewater composition processed by your industrial WWTP.

We have extensive operational experience with WWTPs in chemicals plants, wood processing works, foods processing, refineries, animal rendering plants, landfill leachate treatment stations and other industrial sectors.