Efficiency by Design and Commitment by Heart

Since 1986

We Promote Sustainability

Sustainability driven by quality, efficiency and our very own approach

Our products are durable, efficient, low-maintenance and easy to install. We are a reliable and competent and partner. Both Made in Germany and owner-operated guarantee high quality and social and ecological standards. These is our contribution to successful projects and to more sustainability in wastewater treatment. 

Conserving Resources

We make products that can be repaired and recycled. Through this, we avoid waste and CO₂. In the future, we will further develop our products´ CO₂ footprint by developing an even closer material cycle. By 2030, 40% of our reusable raw materials will be from recycling. 

Diverse Employees

The mix of people contributing their expertise and ideas to the OTT Group, gives the company a diverse texture. As a family-owned company, we aim to provide a place where people can find an environment to grow. Working at OTT shall allow development and joy rather than cost time and energy. 

Responsible Customers

Many people are involved in the OTT´s contribution to the global reduction of CO₂. Our customers play a special role in this regard. Sustainable wastewater treatment is always an investment. Thanks to our customers, the world is becoming cleaner and more Co₂-neutral while conserving more resources. 

Investing In A Better Future

We are pushing our mission. We sponsor social projects and support measures to protect our environment. We want to create more value than we consume resources. 

High-quality products

Aiming for maximum quality since 1986 has led to the development of products that continue to set new standards in terms of performance, ease of installation and durability. Every kilogram of CO₂ contained in our products prevents many thousands of kilograms of CO₂, from production to operation.

Responsible project management

For over 35 years, we have shouldered responsibility as a project partner in the interplay between the wishes and budget of our customers, the technical requirements in the project, entrepreneurial goals and the needs of all those involved. This forges sustainable partnerships and turns proposals into successful projects.